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Subject: --catchurl
Author: Keith Wolters
Date: 07/26/2001 21:21
I'm confused.  I used httrack --catchurl to catch a 
username/password for a form.  I see the file 
hts-post0.  Now how do I make httrack use it?  If I try 
to captaure starting at 
<> (we'll say that's the 
url I captured) then all I get is the one page.  I've 
tried the subsequent site capture with httrack and with 
winhttrack but neither seems to be using that hts-post0 

Do I have to do something to tell httrack to use the 
contents of that hts-post0 file? Can I tell Winhttrack 
to use the hts-post0 file?

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07/26/2001 21:21
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