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Subject: Re: --catchurl
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/26/2001 21:30
> I'm confused.  I used httrack --catchurl to catch a 
> username/password for a form.  I see the file 
> hts-post0.  Now how do I make httrack use it?
Here's an example:

"$ httrack --catchurl"
"Okay, temporary proxy installed."
"Set your browser's preferences to:"
"                                  "
"        Proxy's address:"
"        Proxy's port:   8081"

Okay, I did it, and the engine responded:

"The URL is: <>postfile:hts-post0">;
"You can capture it through: "
"httrack <>postfile:hts-post0">;

Therefore, before capture, I did something like:

httrack <>postfile:hts-post0">; -c2
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