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Subject: Re: XP and Iomega Drive problem
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/05/2003 08:56
> The problem is that when I enter 
> the required path to my zip drive, either by entering it 
> manually or by browsing to it, the cache (plus index.html
> (blank), backblue.gif and fade.gif) are sent to the 
> required location on the zip drive, but all downloaded 
> folders and files are sent to a sub-directory of 
> & Settings on the C: drive. 

I really don't understand how this problem can happend ; 
all saved paths are absolute paths, none are relative!
Do you have any specific application installed on your 
machine? Like some tuning application or something?
This problem has never been reported before, I suspect that 
some nasty application is doing fuzzy things.

> The words 'Base Path' are greyed out 
> on the second screen and remain so after a path is 

This is definitely NOT the normal behaviour - di you 
install httrack using the site archive?If possible, can you try
using 3.30-RC ?

> I have also tried running the program in XP Compatibility 
> Mode with W95 and NT

Humm, maybe some difference with XP home.. I will attempt 
to find  a XPH somewhere and try out to see if the problem 
occurs, but tests were done on XP "pro" with success

This problem is definitely weird
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