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Subject: Re: Suggesstions
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/05/2003 08:58
> How about improving the windows shell so you can include
> min and max size for certian types of files.

Well, this might be an idea.. but the size filter is kind 
of a hack, and is causing broken links unlike the regular 
filters ; that's why I did not interfaced it by default

> Also include option so thumbnails are not downloaded.

More difficult : how to recognize them? "Small" files?
> I know HTML and you easly detect a link image that could 
> a thumbnail. And not download it.

Using width and height properties? Kind of possible, yes, 
but it will not always work

> Also how about option to follow meta refresh tags.

Errr this SHOULD work ; except if the refreshed page is 
located "outside" the domain or default mirror scope

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