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Subject: help : error "file as moved..."
Author: Nicochurch
Date: 07/06/2003 00:56
i can't download the JPG file from this fabulous site of 
wallpapers :
i've tested 20 times with different options,
but i only have the thumbnails, the banners, and others...
i've given a TXT list with this type of adresses:
(with my browser the image appears)
other test with this  type of adress:

and other and other...

all the time the file i'm interested in containt this 
message in the hts-log.txt :
"WARNNG: File has moved from to 

please, can anyone help me ???

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help : error "file as moved..."

07/06/2003 00:56
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07/06/2003 17:14
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