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Subject: Important
Author: Vikas Acharya
Date: 07/08/2003 07:22

I believe HTTrack is specially designed for downloading 
website of user choice.  It becomes very unproductive if 
one could not stop other websites links from downloading. I 
have tried all method, but could not get right one.

What exactly should I do to Ignore external/other website 
links from downloading. 

I only want to download what is on but if there 
is link to or other sites in 
HTTrack must Ignore/Avoid or other sites links 
automatically and only download what is on

Also, alongwith above example I would like to filter/scan 
out following files from
-*.class -*.gif -*.jpg -*.png -*.tif -*.bmp -*.js +*.shtml 
+*.phtml +*.htm +*.jhtml -*.zip -*.jsp -*.arj -*.lzh -
*.tar -*.rar -*.exe -*.mov -*.mpg -*.mpeg -*.avi -*.asf -
*.mp3 -*.mp2 -*.rm -*.wav -*.vob -*.qt -*.vid -*.ac3 -
*.wmv -*.asx -*.wma -*.cgi -*.ram -*.php3 -*.msi -*.eps -* -*.mid -*.swf -*.php -*.asp -
*.TZZZZZZZ -*.cfm -*.jar -*.stm -*.xml -*.mso -*.pic -*.pl -
*.aiff -*.com -*.bin -*.gz -*.z -*.sit -*.hqx -*.tgz -
*.dll -*.ocx -*.vbx -*.xl? -*.do? -*.au

Please Advice.


Vikas L.Acharya
Nashik, India.

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