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Subject: Re: WinHTTrack ridiculously slow?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/13/2003 20:44
> going on 16 hours now for one site. granted, its a pretty 
> big site. maybe 50,000 files total, mostly jpeg images. 
> but still! did the same site in a 
> little under 4 hours. im also on a connection that as 
> as a T-3. is there a way to throttle bandwidth that i 
> know about?
Httrack will always by default limit the bandwidth to 
25KB/s (this is the default value in the options), to avoid 
any bandwidth clobbering. You can change it (even erasing 
it to disable bandwidth limiter) BUT WITH GREAT CARE (don't 
overload webservers!)

Another reason can be because the site is filtering offline 
browsers, or if the site is having many dynamically 
generated pages, causing multiple test requests.
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