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Subject: what does store-all-in-cache do?
Author: finrod
Date: 08/01/2003 09:22
i want a update function like this.
after i updated a website,the system tells me which pages 
are changed and which pages are deleted.and i don't what 
save the page content in the catch file. which command 
line should i use?
i used the 
httrack -O date -Q - q -k
for mirror the website, but httrack save the page's 
contect in the new.dat file. i relly don't want this.
and i used the 
httrack -O data 
for update.

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what does store-all-in-cache do?

08/01/2003 09:22
Re: what does store-all-in-cache do?

08/01/2003 19:50


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