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Subject: Downloading websites on different domains & links
Author: Richard Jottier
Date: 08/04/2003 18:13
Dear Httrack Support

I have been to the forum section and faq but I cannot find 
a simple answer to the following question:

I am a medical student and I have been using httrack to 
download websites from the WEB. However I find that the 
software does not download at certain html links when it 
is in another domain; thus my question is: how do we 
download ALL the html links related to a website? (as well 
as further levels on the other domains?) - I have 
tried /options/get files/non-html links,etc. but that only 
works for non-html(e.g. pdf) files. How do I do it for 
html files too on SEVERAL different domains on a single 
Web Page?
Please help:

In grateful anticipation,



P.s. : Also is it possible to simply name a project 
`Internet` and use a single project while adding more and 
MORE weblinks on that same project - so that the links in 
other domains will WORK - is that feasible? Currently, I 
name a project after the name of the Website, e.g. 
Queensland Anaesthesia, and download the site, but it DOES 
NOT give me the links AUTOMATICALLY - I would have to add 
them one by one! (Besides is there- do you know of/or 
have - a program that will ENUMERATE and LIST and get 
those links on the Webpages downloaded so that I can PASTE 
them into the project?) Do you have any advice you can 
give me on how to download resource - medical - sites?

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Downloading websites on different domains & links

08/04/2003 18:13
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