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Subject: Re: Downloading websites on different domains & links
Author: loko
Date: 08/05/2003 16:22
> Dear Httrack Support
> I have been to the forum section and faq but I cannot 
> a simple answer to the following question:
 how do we 
> download ALL the html links related to a website? (as 
> as further levels on the other domains?)
<> Global travel 
mode (with maximum depth set to a reasonable number) might 
be up your alley, it's probably better to just include the 
other sites in your rules file like* 
if there are only a handful of other sites being linked to.

> P.s. : Also is it possible to simply name a project 
> `Internet` and use a single project while adding more 
> MORE weblinks on that same project - so that the links 
> other domains will WORK - is that feasible? Currently, I 
> name a project after the name of the Website, e.g. 
> Queensland Anaesthesia, and download the site, but it 
> NOT give me the links AUTOMATICALLY - I would have to add
This doesn't usually work all that well with frequently 
changing sites, but try:
Stop your mirroring sessions with interrupt, check 
doit.log (or the .ini file for the Windows GUI version) 
and edit the options to include the new links, use 
continue to restart the mirror. Be aware that the mirror 
may follow links backwards to sites previously downloaded, 
which can be a real pain with dynamic content.

> them one by one! (Besides is there- do you know of/or 
> have - a program that will ENUMERATE and LIST and get 
> those links on the Webpages downloaded so that I can 
> them into the project?)
try sed
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