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Subject: Re: WinHttrack beginner, total failure
Author: k.theta
Date: 08/05/2003 02:09
>> WinHttrack filters on a subsite I'm trying to retrieve 
>> some html files from.
>> -* +*/*active* +*/*default* +*/*forum* +*/*help* 
>> I don't get it. Why do I still get ALL files? That is, 
>> all files = even ones not in the allowed names list 

> Are you sure these files weren't allowed? Remember that 
> +*/*help* will allow any links containing help in it, 
> on other sites (, 
> ..)

Yup! You got my mistake. The URL of the subsite had 
the "forum" string as part of its path. I had a big Blind 
Spot to that, the whole time I was trying to make the 
mirror function. 

Now I've modified the filters to more specific, getting 
around the name in the path, and everything works quite 


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