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Subject: Problems with HTTRACK
Author: Jeff H
Date: 08/12/2003 07:06
I want an offline browser program that works with command
line options; does not bring up a GUI window; and MOST
IMPORTANT can download from yahoo's finance database.

I have "stock portfolios" and I want to download and read
into a system.

I was using "wget" (latest 1.9 build) and it works for what
I want.
I can use the command "--cookies", pass it the cookies and
it reads Yahoo! no problem (Teleport; Offline Explorer
"$$$"; and most others FAIL!!!)

Problem: for whatever reason there is about a 10s pause
after connection and then it downloads (no matter what
site); something to do with my Linksys router/firewall - but
other than a delay it does work.  When I went straight thru
my Cable without router, it worked within seconds - no pause.
Teleport, for example, with a straight command line call
brings up the GUI window (BLAH!!) and downloads the file(s)
instantly (but not the yahoo I question below)

I downloaded HTTRACK and gave it a shot.  There is no long
pause - so I think this product works where the other did not. 
However my problems are:
(A) I did as it was said - copied the cookies.txt
- under my d:\bin (part of path); under my i:\wget (where I
am running my batch program "www.bat"); under "i:\wget\yahoo"
My command line is "httrack --cookies=1 -g --priority=1
<> -O yahoo"

For whatever reason I keep getting the "sign in required".
Same cookies.txt used with wget (try it and it works fine)

Does anyone know if Yahoo works?  (did a search and found no
"cookie yahoo".  Something amiss (again wget works without
fail and presents the exact info - I don't think I need to
tell you HOW HIGH I jumped with I found something that
FINALLY worked..... but it was pretty HIGH :-O

(B) Everytime I download I get a readme (same name as
downloaded file except with ".readme").  How is this turned
"Info-file generated by HTTrack Website Copier 3.23+swf

The file yahoo/indexbe04.html has not been scanned by HTS
Some links contained in it may be unreachable locally.
If you want to get these files, you have to set an upper
recurse level, and to rescan the URL."

My fear is that Yahoo! isn't supported (darn shame!).  I
would prefer to use a single product versus multiple products.

Thanks for your assistance!


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