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Subject: Re: Problems with HTTRACK
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/13/2003 19:19
> (A) I did as it was said - copied the cookies.txt
> every'bloody'where 
> My command line is 'httrack --cookies=1 -g --priority=1
> <> -O yahoo'

Why -g ? This will only fetch the first file without even 
parsing it

> For whatever reason I keep getting the 'sign in required'.
> Same cookies.txt used with wget (try it and it works fine)

Humm strange. The cookies.txt is in the yahoo folder, isn't 
it? Can you activate the header trace log, by adding -%H in 
the commandline (% to be escaped if necessary) ? This will 
generate a hts-log.txt file, containing all 
requests/responses (don't post it here, as it can contain 
your password or authentication scheme) - ensure that the 
first request contains a "cookie" field

> (B) Everytime I download I get a readme (same name as
> downloaded file except with '.readme').  How is this 
> off????
This is probably due to -g (this could also be due to -r)

> My fear is that Yahoo! isn't supported (darn shame!).  I

Well with some help this should work

For your #2 message:

>struggled and got the following command line

httrack might try to test the page type before fetching it 
(bad) ; use:
to avoid that

>This is not a solution I was thinking of - I expect the
>cookies to be read and processed and not have to deal with
>this way of getting to the site

Yes - the cookie system should definitely work, especially 
if it works with wget (this is a proof that this method 
should actually work)
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