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Subject: Beginner's question
Author: Psy
Date: 09/03/2003 18:47
Hi there! 

I have just downloaded the last version of HTTrack and I 
have to say that I'm amased to see that one free prog is so 
great! Just keep it that way! And by a large amount of 
questions on the forum, I can tell that is widely used...

But still, I have a question...

I have searched through the old topics, but haven't found 
what I was looking for - I know that there's some kind of a 
help integrated within the prog, but it seems that I have a 
slight problem to understand the way it works...

So, the problem is - I want to download just a part of a 
web site, for example let's say that the site's name is and let's say that it has sub-sites like,,,, etc. And I want 
to download only and - what should I set the options within 
the rules section?! How to download only those parts of a 

And one more - if those parts aren't linked among 
themselves but they are linked just on a homepage of the 
site, how would they be downloaded?
Please forgive me on two things - my bad english and for 
these stupid questions!

Thank you in advance on answers!

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09/03/2003 18:47
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