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Subject: Re: Beginner's question
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/03/2003 22:56
> So, the problem is - I want to download just a part of a 
> web site, for example let's say that the site's name is 
> and let's say that it has sub-sites like 
>,, etc. And I want 
> to download only and 
> - what should I set the options 
> the rules section?! How to download only those parts of a 
> site?!

if you want all images and related files too, whatever the 
domain is:
-*** +*.gif 
+*.jpg +*.png +*.css +*.js

> And one more - if those parts aren't linked among 
> themselves but they are linked just on a homepage of the 
> site, how would they be downloaded?
httrack will only download, by default, files within the 
default scope (same address, same or lower directory 
levels ; and all images if the default scan rules are left 
as is)

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