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Subject: Re: How to use .httrackrc with Win2k?
Author: Juergen Bethke
Date: 09/05/2003 20:47
> Named httrackrc on w2k (no leading .)

I was pretty sure, that I did try all permutations. :-) But 
I am wrong. httrack is now using the options.
Is it the normal behavior, that the options from the rc 
files appear twice in doit.log  
(like: -%F "my footer" -*/b.* -%F "my footer" -*/b.* )?
In any way: I have arrange myself with the either long or 
cryptic command line. Since I am not the command line 
expert, I am very proud, that it works!

> The doit.log should contains httrackrc commands, loaded 
> startup - **EXCEPT** when continuing/updating a mirror 
> (because it would then load the httrackrc options each 

Isn't WinHTTrack acting this way - meaning: Evaluating each 
time the chosen options and reflecting it in the doit.log?

May I finally add something to wishlist?The scanrule file has one line for
each rule (which is ok). 
But is there a posibillity to add comments, like:

-- comment for block
-*/*bar*   -- comment for one rule

I have used "--" as comment indicator, because I used to 
work with Oracle PL/SQL.

In any way: The separate rule file is a great improvement 
(compared to the small text box) for an already great 

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