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Subject: Some questions/suggestions
Author: Jesse
Date: 09/14/2003 00:02
1. What exactly the "cancel" button does on the window when 
site mirroring in progress?  What's the difference 
between "cancel" and "pause transfer" under "Mirror" menu.  

2. May be more intuitive to have a "stop" button in the 
window.  When stop is selected, a pop-up window can come up 
and ask for user confirmation.  In the pop-up window, 
explain to user that the download job will be terminated 
and the progress will be saved for later downlaod, etc.  
Just my one cent.

3. When transfer is in process, the help button does not 

4. Is it possible to add an analysis funtion to the 
product. It basically will analyze a website user picked, 
such as the size of a selected link and other common 


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Some questions/suggestions

09/14/2003 00:02
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