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Subject: Re: Some questions/suggestions
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/14/2003 08:22
> 1. What exactly the 'cancel' button does on the window 
> site mirroring in progress?  What's the difference 
> between 'cancel' and 'pause transfer' under 'Mirror' 

Pause will not stop the program ; cancel will.

> 3. When transfer is in process, the help button does not 
> work. 

Err right.. there is not much to explain (except maybe 
statistics numbers)

> 4. Is it possible to add an analysis funtion to the 
> product. It basically will analyze a website user picked, 
> such as the size of a selected link and other common 
> properties.

The size of the upcoming website? This is unfortunately 
impossible without downloading all html structure - httrack 
never "knowns" how many links there are until the last link 
is fetched.
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