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Subject: Thanks 4 help and need suggestions
Author: Jesse
Date: 09/14/2003 10:49
Thanks Xavier for all your patience answering my 
questions.  I really appreciate it.  I guess I asked too 
much for a free product.  It's a great software and farely 
easy to setup and use.

I need some advise for a current project. I try to mirror a 
big website with a lot of big speach files (around 5MB 
each, mp3).  From the website, the size is estimated at 
least 50G.  The website is structured in a hierachical way 
that top web pages display categories of speaches and the 
bottom pages are for each individual speach with multiple 
pages containing links to mp3 files on a ftp server.  With 
my past two day's experience, it looks like I have to set 
up a keep alive connection and let Httrack to download 
without stopping.  This may takes a couple of weeks to 
finish the project.  Stop the job and continue later did 
not seem to work for me in this case.

Anyway, any advise will be appreciated.


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Thanks 4 help and need suggestions

09/14/2003 10:49
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