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Subject: Compiling HTTrack :/
Author: Joao Luzio
Date: 09/19/2003 22:42
I've been trying to compile the project for visual studio 
6.0 for about 3 weeks and i've been only been able to 
compile a version of 3.23 that had been sent to me.
But this version is done in a all-in-one project, not like 
it is released.

I noticed that the following versions fixed a lot of 
things that i wish to put but in substituing the files it 
gave me more errors that i could handle :/

I have tried to compile the workspace in the following way:

   I have the ipv6kit, openssl, zlib, etc.., I have done 
the substitution of the L:/<dir>, put the source from /src 
to /src_win but still get 2 errors and one warning at the 
compiling of libhttrack. Once i solve these ones the 
winhttrack project gives me some more errors.. and after 
these linking errors :/ (and also have the stuff at c:\dev)

Since i figure the project released should compile without 
any changes in the code, i'm guessing the configuration of 
the project is missing something. (friggin MS!)

I was hoping that someone could guide me through the 
process of grabbing the workspace that is released in the 
site and manage to produce a sucessful build. 
That or the process of reconstructing the project 
structure and settings from scratch..

I'm getting very frustrated with this since i have to use 
HTTrack for the final project of the course at the 
university and i have to get down to business soon..

Thanks in advance,
    Joao Luzio

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