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Subject: Re: Compiling HTTrack :/
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/20/2003 11:42
> But this version is done in a all-in-one project, not 
> it is released.

The current "RC" release should compile fine (all files are 

>    I have the ipv6kit, openssl, zlib, etc.., I have done 
> the substitution of the L:/<dir>, put the source 
from /src 
> to /src_win 

Copy all windows sources in <path>/WinHTTrack/ and all 
engine sources in <path>/ (this is my configuration: C:\Dev 
and C:\Dev\WinHTTrack)

Your htssystem.h in <path>/WinHTTrack/ _MUST_ contains 
these lines:
#define HTS_PLATFORM 1
#define HTS_ANALYSTE 1

The htssystem.h in <path>/ _MUST_ only contains!
#define HTS_ANALYSTE 1

Also ensure you have the httrack.ds* shipped in src/ from 
the Windows sources

> but still get 2 errors and one warning at the 
> compiling of libhttrack. 

Which ones?
> Since i figure the project released should compile 
> any changes in the code, i'm guessing the configuration 
> the project is missing something. (friggin MS!)

Important note: The project was compiled with VC6 
(previously compiled with VC5), but was NOT tested with 

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