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Subject: Re: Update: --max-time=N feature . Post 3.30RC17
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/21/2003 10:16
> The problem with the 'max-time' feature seems to persist, 
> httrack is not exiting after the defined timeout.

The RC18 should be more aggressive in timeouts (especially, 
I added timeouts checks in the parsing loop AND in the link 
testing loop) and should solve this problem. I checked with 
a similar configuration (a php script taking 30 seconds to 
execute) and httrack gracefully exits after the timeout 
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Update: --max-time=N feature . Post 3.30RC17

09/17/2003 00:59
Re: Update: --max-time=N feature . Post 3.30RC17

09/21/2003 10:16


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