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Subject: Re: about "<BASE HREF= >"
Author: jules
Date: 10/06/2003 06:19
In my case, I use <BASE HREF="blah"> to correctly detect 
links within a local website. But for the offline version of 
the same site, the rewriting of the same into <BASE " /> 
actually prevents the page from accessing the links, 
particularly the external css files, resulting in an 
undesirable layout. Proof shows when this line is removed or 
if at least the single double-quote is deleted.

I think future versions should consider including an option 
for the user to turn this on or off (or commenting it off if 
this will work). I believe some users of httrack are 
sufficienlty knowledgeable about the use of base href to 
post their comments about it.

> > When '<BASE HREF= >'tag is contained in HTML, is there 

> any 

> > function which makes this a comment?


> Base href's are parsed by httrack by default ; and 

> by empty base tags. There is no way to disable this 

> (which is necessary to correctly detect links)




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