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Subject: Bugs?
Author: Joshua
Date: 10/09/2003 18:29
I have been having trouble with downloading images that are 
linked to with relative urls.  The images are stored in the 
same directory as the html and htm pages, and as such the 
images are linked simply as <a href="yuao104.jpg"> or <img 
src="thm_yuao104.jpg"> and HTTrack doesn't seem to be able 
to pick up on these types of links.

Also I have had some trouble with some sites I have 
memberships with.  Some sites do not accept passwords in 
the <> form through 
HTTrack.  They seem to work fine through my browser that 
way but when I use the password feature in the program I 
get either access denied or HTTrack gets redirected to some 
site like google.  Any help would be appreciated.

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10/09/2003 18:29
Re: Bugs?

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