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Subject: Re: Bugs?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 10/10/2003 20:45
> I have been having trouble with downloading images that 
> linked to with relative urls.  The images are stored in 
> same directory as the html and htm pages, and as such the 
> images are linked simply as <a href='yuao104.jpg'> or 
> src='thm_yuao104.jpg'> and HTTrack doesn't seem to be 
> to pick up on these types of links.

Please provide the address - I can't reproduce this issue.

> Also I have had some trouble with some sites I have 
> memberships with.  Some sites do not accept passwords in 
> the <> form through 
> HTTrack.  They seem to work fine through my browser that 
> way but when I use the password feature in the program I 
> get either access denied or HTTrack gets redirected to 
> site like google.

Redirects generally mean one thing: the site is filtering 
offline browsers such as httrack.

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