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Subject: From a webmasters perspective
Author: Peco
Date: 10/24/2003 20:17
I just want you to know that last night this tool was used 
on one of my websites and it literally took down my entire 
webserver. I really am very angry about this - because of 
the capability for abuse by your users. The "resume 
interrupted downloads" feature also gave me intense 
problems for the next 8 hours as I tried to restart my 
server - everytime my server tried to come up there were 
about 20 sessions open from this one user who was using 
your tool. I finally was able to get onto my server and had 
to ban the IP via a firewall that was using this product.

How about thinking twice before ripping off entire 
websites? This is how I make my living and I don't 
appreciate this type of abuse.

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10/24/2003 20:17
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