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Subject: From a consumer's perspective
Author: Padraic I.M. MacUidhir
Date: 10/25/2003 20:34
     I have read the complaint posted by Peco, and also
have read Mr. Roche's response. The content of Peco's 
complaint is a common one for network administrators
and WWWsite creators in regard to certain types of content.
     I can only speak for myself in this matter of offline
browsing. For my own purposes, this class of computer
application is a blessing. I do volunteer work for
certain organisations where I download scanned images
files of old or out-of-print texts and perform OCR 
processes on them in order to make free e-texts that
are posted to various WWWsites. If I had to download
each image one by one, this task would take ten times
the amount of time already involved in a labourious
     Speaking in general for my associates in Europe
who do the same thing, this type of application is
even more invaluable to them because most of them are 
charged by the hour for Internet access, which is
a cruel joke in this day and age, but it is what exists.
     Please, any website administrators who read this, 
understand that the methods involved in blocking 
malicious users of offline browsers are truly easy
to implement. Educate yourselves, understand the problem,
and *fix the problem*, not the whole situation. Some
of us are just wanting to make life a little easier.

     Pádraic I.M. MacUidhir
     Ohio, U.S.A.
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