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Subject: is there an EASY(er) WAY?
Author: master_k
Date: 11/01/2003 12:33
links are these: (in a txt file)

is there any way that HTT can make them (so i do not need 
to export them from excel?)

it is just a matter of replacing the ?????? in
with numbers from 1 to 4000000! (yeah its huge) :)

all those exist (except maybe 1 to 2 percent) so server 
logs won't get clutterd and conection limit is set to 10 
so servers will not overload (optimized for min for 5k 

and if the answer is NO?is the txt format correct?each link on a new line.

having problems with HTT being very slow of actualy 
starting to follow the links. it seems to be storing them 
in memory (ctrl+shift+esc > memory usage = ever increasing)
and after it inputs them all in memory THAN and ONLY THAN 
it starts ACTUALY downloading files. isn't it possible to 
read a link at a time and download, then the second, then 
the third... etc...

btw. if i increas the memory available to HTT to HIGH the 
computer ALMOST stops responding but HTT does not increas 
the spped at which it enters the links in memory!? why?

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is there an EASY(er) WAY?

11/01/2003 12:33
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