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Subject: Re: is there an EASY(er) WAY?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/01/2003 23:27
> links are these: (in a txt file)
> etc..
> is there any way that HTT can make them (so i do not need 
> to export them from excel?)

No - if they are not listed in another place (an html 
page), you have to make a list.
But by the way, do you really need ALL the site? This might 
be really huge, and take a lots of bandwidth.

> having problems with HTT being very slow of actualy 
> starting to follow the links. it seems to be storing them 
> in memory (ctrl+shift+esc > memory usage = ever 
> and after it inputs them all in memory THAN and ONLY THAN 
> it starts ACTUALY downloading files. isn't it possible to 
> read a link at a time and download, then the second, then 
> the third... etc...

HTTrack has actually to parse the list entirely - this can 
take some time if there are numerous links ..

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is there an EASY(er) WAY?

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Re: is there an EASY(er) WAY?

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