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Subject: bandwidth limitations on web site issue
Author: Joe
Date: 11/16/2003 13:34
How can Winttrack get around some web sites bandwidth
limitations? I signed up a long time ago to
and tried using Offline Explorer Pro to rip the site and my
password was always changed. I got these emails from their
system changing my password saying it might be hacked and so
on cus it went past their limits or something. So using the
offline explorer was useless. Can this httrack thing do
anything to help there? All I wanna do is get all jpeg files
and movie files and streaming video files, like jpeg, and
the movie files which i am not sure what extension they are,
.avi or .mpeg i don't remember. then there's some streaming

How should I go about setting up the httrack to only get the
movie files and jpeg from the and not link to
any other site? but the main thing here is that i need it to
be able to get around the bandwidth limitations or at least
deal with it so i don't reach it per hr or something. i
think the webmaster said it was like 5000 images per hr and
he saw i got way more then that, which is possible cus i
used offline explorer pro to get the site, it didn't work
good at all, :(

any suggestions?

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