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Subject: Re: Writing to ARC format
Author: Lars Clausen
Date: 11/18/2003 17:21
> There are many other useful things in the structures - ask 
> me if necessary.

There's some weirdness about the statuscode field in htsblk
as passed to receive-headers.  It doesn't seem to reflect
the status code found in the headers (and seen by other
parts of HTTrack).  I have as the first statement of my
receive-headers plugin the following:

get_header(char* buff, char* adr, char* fil, char* referer_adr,
	   char* referer_fil, htsblk* incoming) {

  printf("\nget_header %s%s: (%d) %s\n",
	 adr, fil, incoming->statuscode, incoming->location);

Yes when I point this at <>
 with -r1, I get these printouts:

get_header (-5) 
* (270 bytes) - 301
get_header (0) 
* (319 bytes) - OK
get_header (-5) 
1/3: (279 bytes) - 404
get_header (-5) (8623 bytes) - OK
Thanks for using HTTrack!

Where are these status codes defined, and shouldn't they be
the code returned by the server?  It's good that I get the
redirects, but I wish I could recognize them in there.

For the curious, I've placed the plugin at
Note that it depends on GLib, since I had HTTracks own hash
table crash on me.

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