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Subject: A couple problems.
Author: tony
Date: 11/23/2003 08:59
First of all, I want to store a site offline obviously, for
example, Now I want it to store everything
that's in like techtv/ or
techtv/screensavers/ but no url that begins with any
other name than techtv, so what do i do? Second, after 3
links deep for some reason my pics won't show. I don't know
if it's gotten to them yet or just won't download any pics 3
links deep but it left the main site and is storing all
other sites as we speak so i figure it may be done with the
main site. And finally, i want to store everything in the
site. And I mean everything, even downloading files. I want
the site to where you can't even tell you're offline. Does
it do that by default or do I have to put in a whole bunch
of scan commands? It's a very good program and it's about
time i found something like this. IE really sucks when
you're trying to do this.

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11/23/2003 08:59
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