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Subject: Re: A couple problems.
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/23/2003 09:26
> First of all, I want to store a site offline obviously, 
> example, Now I want it to store everything
> that's in like techtv/ or
> techtv/screensavers/ but no url that begins with any
> other name than techtv, so what do i do? 

Use scan rules (Set Options / Scan rules):

> Second, after 3
> links deep for some reason my pics won't show. I don't 
> if it's gotten to them yet or just won't download any 
pics 3
> links deep but it left the main site and is storing all
> other sites as we speak so i figure it may be done with 
> main site. 

Depth == 3 means "get all links reachable using three 
clicks from the top index". The top index is the index 
created by httrack that points to the given URLs.

Note that you generally should NOT use depth - default 
settings and scan rules should be fine.

> And finally, i want to store everything in the
> site. And I mean everything, even downloading files. I 
> the site to where you can't even tell you're offline. Does
> it do that by default or do I have to put in a whole bunch
> of scan commands?
This is normally the default behaviour is you start 
from / ; please note however that:
- some folders might be missing due to robots.txt rules
- some files might be missing because they are located 
outside the domain (use "Get files near a link" to solve 
- some javascript links might be bogus is the code is too 
complex for httrack

Please also use bandwidth limits if you plan to mirror a 
whole site! See in 'Set options'/'Limits' and 'Set 
Options'/'Flow Control'. I suggest for large sites:
- no more than 2 simultaneous connections
- no more than 20KB/s
- no more than 2 connections per second
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