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Subject: Mirroring a HUGE website (4+GB)
Author: Lee Hutchins
Date: 11/30/2003 06:26

When I do a continue previous - Windows has crashed and 
other issues trying to download this monster, the program 
insists on reloading the majority of the html pages even 
though most of this site is static.  It seems to act the 
same whether I say Update or continue.  I have succeeded in 
downloading 4+ GB and then windows crashed.  It only took 3 
days to get that far - I really don't want to redo all of 
that - I need to reparse because it left out non html files 
first time anyway - but I was hoping that it would not 
redownload everything!

BTW I tried using the go down only option in experts (Win 
2000 version) and it will still download files from other 
directories going all the way back to the root  to do so.  
This isn't what I thought this option would do?

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Mirroring a HUGE website (4+GB)

11/30/2003 06:26
Re: Mirroring a HUGE website (4+GB)

12/02/2003 16:10
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12/02/2003 18:39


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