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Subject: Re: Mirroring a HUGE website (4+GB)
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/02/2003 18:39
> days to get that far - I really don't want to redo all of 
> that - I need to reparse because it left out non html 
> first time anyway - but I was hoping that it would not 
> redownload everything!

The "Continue" should allow httrack to quickly rescan the 
mirorr - but rmember than httrack will *rescan* the 
complete file structure anyway, even if no data need to be 

> BTW I tried using the go down only option in experts (Win 
> 2000 version) and it will still download files from other 
> directories going all the way back to the root  to do 
> This isn't what I thought this option would do?
The 'Experts only' options are not only for experts :), but 
also generally very delicate and useless options.
Use Scan rules (Set Options/Scan rules) : they are MUCH 
more powerful than the "expert" flags.
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