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Subject: Generated index page in Linux
Author: Pul
Date: 08/27/2001 08:06
In the Windows version, httrack genenrates and updates
the index page but in Linux it creates an index page
for each site and no whtt files, unlike the Windows
version which only creates one index file. Also in
linux when the index page is selected it automaticaly
goes to the index page of the downloaded site.

Is this expected or is there a way for httrack to
create one index page and update it as in windows?
If the above is posible will httrack accept a common
folder for windows downloads and Linux downloads and
update it automatically? That is, if I was to download
through Linux and save it to the windows folder will
httrack read the whtt files and ammend as necessary. 



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Generated index page in Linux

08/27/2001 08:06
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