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Subject: Re: pictures
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/14/2003 15:08
> I'm still having problems with incomplete downloading of
> jpeg pictures, but if I hit reload (Mozilla browser), I 
> get the complete picture (sometimes I have to hit reload 2
> or 3 times).  How can I get HTTrack to do that, or to 
> all jpeg's and gif's?
Errk. If this happends with Mozilla, there are two 

- The remote webserver "suddenly" closes the connection, 
but give a valid "Content-length" field. httrack should be 
smart enough to detect the broken file, and will attempt to 
continue the download by reconnecting later.

- The remote webserver "suddenly" closes the connection, 
and DID NOT give a valid "Content-length" field. This is 
bad, because there is no way to make the difference with 
a "legitimate" end of file .. 

If you are lucky, the first case will occur. Else, there is 
no solution :(
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