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Subject: *Update re-pulls everything!
Author: Mark Ericksen
Date: 12/16/2003 04:58
I was wondering why the *Update option causes the mirrored
site to be entirely re-downloaded?
The pages are not served up, they are static.

There is a javascript command:


That can tell you when a document was last modified
according to the server. This doesn't help with dynamically
served up pages but it could save a great deal with graphics
and other files. For all I know you are already using this.
Just wanted to pass this along in case it can be useful.

After all, the sites we want to mirror are the ones with the
content we enjoy. We don't want them to go away. I'd hate
for my periodic mirroring to cause the sites I love to go
away due to bandwidth consumption!

If there is something else I can already be doing then
please let me know! :)

Thanks for the tool. It is a great thing to have and it
works very well.

-Mark E.

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*Update re-pulls everything!

12/16/2003 04:58
Re: *Update re-pulls everything!

12/18/2003 19:34


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