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Subject: HTTrack Introduces ERRORS in Saved HTML
Author: Thomas
Date: 12/16/2003 22:05
I used HTTrack to save a backup of the website for one of 
my college classes.  The class is regarding a statistical 
program called SAS, and the webpage had many examples of 
SAS code writtin in plain text in the HTML files.

Upon saving the webpage, I recieved numerious errors like 
the following example:

22:42:36	Error: 	"Not Found" (404) at link; (from]

Upon analysing the saved HTML file, and the true source 
file, apparently HTTrack ADDED a ".html" string a line.

--BEFORE HTTrack--

This seems to be a bug of HTTrack, that I hope will be 
fixed soon.  It is understandable, I suppose, since this is 
strange text to begin with and could be confused with HTML.

If anybody knows of an immediate fix, such as an option 
change (I used basically the default options), I would 
surely like to know!

The example URL 
is <>

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HTTrack Introduces ERRORS in Saved HTML

12/16/2003 22:05
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