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Subject: Re: -2.doc -3.doc -4.doc and so on file rename
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/18/2004 01:18
> In a web page with colums that can all be sorted (leading 
> to different physical pages, not ?M=A or ?M=D), all the 
> links to files (file://xxx) are mirrored for each page 
> whereas the link is REALLY the same.
> How can I avoid this ?
You can't unless you filter (see 'Set options'/'Scan 
rules') these URLs - httrack can not 'guess' that a page 
will be identical to another one (the links are built 
before actually downloading the data)

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-2.doc -3.doc -4.doc and so on file rename

01/15/2004 11:32
Re: -2.doc -3.doc -4.doc and so on file rename

01/18/2004 01:18


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