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Subject: Cant "just" download a part of a forum
Author: oskuro
Date: 01/20/2004 20:38
Hi, i downloaded today your program and congratulations.
Are you guys from Spain?Me yes, hehe.
I want to download a part of a forum, i mean, i have a 
forum, ok?With many sections, ok, i enter a section called 
Linux and that section has many topics, 23 pages of topics. 
I just want to download those 23 pages with all their topics 
and posts, how can i do it?If i just put main url of first 
page, i download other things that has nothing to do with 
the things i want, need help, thx

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Cant "just" download a part of a forum

01/20/2004 20:38
This is the url..

01/20/2004 20:52
Re: Cant "just" download a part of a forum

01/23/2004 23:16


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