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Subject: Headache
Author: johnnip
Date: 03/02/2001 00:39
Sorry if anyone finds a similar message posted coz I 
accidentally pressed a wrong button....and I do 
sincerely apologise in advance if the following 
message offends any one of you.

This httrack programe really causes me headache, My 
favourite offine programe was called "Teleport" and is 
(should be?) still my favourite. I tried almost all of 
the OL browsers that could be downloaded from the web. 
But somehow they didn't do what I wanted them to do. 
And I was recommended the Teleport. Why I have been 
using Teleport for years though it is not free. It is 
powerful. It is fast and stable; it shows the full URL 
of each files downloaded; and it is very easy to 
manage the "project" it downloads -- one folder for 
all files and one .tpp file, that's it. Now it can 
even properly capture javascript.(By 'properly', I 
mean I can get those files somehow linked to the 
javascript. I am simply not programming-proficient and 
I don't understand why it is so hard for me to 
understand such an important subject in life) And it 
is so easy to use -- even people as dum as me can 
easily start using it with notable result. As a result 
of this, if I try to stack up the cdroms I burnt, it 
is almost with its total height/length? as my....
middle finger. 

Now, I must have done something wrong and I don't even 
know how I got to have the httrack file on my disk. I 
installed it.. Well, I was pretty sure that its fate 
would have been the same as those programes I tried 
and forgot in the rest of my days. 
No, I was wrong. The first thing it impresses me is 
its speed. "What the heck is it going on? 10k? 11k? 
12???" "Was it cheating me?" 

When this first project was finished, I clicked on 
the "Browse the website" (forgive me if I get the 
label wrong). I was impressed with the little index 
file created by it. I immediately realised this must 
be a breakthough in my offline browsing experience. 
And it is! If you have a few dozens of projects and if 
you are a bit too ambigous in organizing them in 
folders according to their topics, you will understand 
my feeling. "Where is it?" "maybe I link the starting 
page of each of them on one page..?" Now I don't have 
to think about these questions.

Should I reconsider which programe should be my 
favourite? I want to keep the consistency of my 

If I am not then banned from posting any message to 
this group, I will try to make my "wish list" for the 
future version of the httrack. May I?
Oh.....One thing...the cache is too big.

Thanks for your patience.    

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