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Subject: Re: Headache
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/03/2001 00:40
Hum, thanks for the flowers :)

Fell free to send me ( any 
suggestions - they'll be noticed. For now, I am 
focused on stabilizing the current version so that I 
can launch the final 3.00, fixing last bugs and so

>Oh.....One thing...the cache is too big.

Right - but smaller than before :)
The problem is that the cache stores ALL html raw 
data. Reason: stored HTML pages are totally different, 
as ALL links are rewritten to work locally or remotely 
without problems (absolute URI -> relative URI). It 
would be possible to store less data, but this would 
be a nightmare to manage

Note: The cache can be erased before burning on a CD, 
for example - as you absolutely don't need HTTrack to 
view mirrored websites!
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