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Subject: Re: Timerelevant and webbase internetarchive
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/19/2004 06:38
> Timerelevant means: You can go back to a special 
> actualisation time.

"Versioning" is not currently supported by httrack - you 
will have to make a backup of the current project before 
updating it (probably using some commandline batch or some 
cron process)

> intranet and webbase means: On a web- or intranetpage any 
> user can define the website or its special pages and 
> more fine affords like in HTTrack.

WebHTTrack (currently packaged on various Linux 
distrubutions such as Debian or Mandrake) offers a web-
based GUI -- but there is not yet any "real" server 

> Alexa archive and provides a specified format 
> for archiving internetbased information. Look at
> <>.

Well, I hesitated to implement the ARC format as primary 
cache format, but this format is not very efficient and 
lacks compression (files are bigger than they should be) 
and index (searching through the file requires to read the 
complete file). Some hacking would have to be done, also 
(to store internal httrack meta-data such as local 
filename). The current cache format (a regular ZIP file) is 
more efficient and reusable on most systems.

But I think that Lars Clausen from the State and University 
Library of Denmark developped an ARC plugin :) for httrack.

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