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Subject: Re: Timerelevant and webbase internetarchive
Author: Germar Saule
Date: 02/19/2004 12:58
> "Versioning" is not currently supported by httrack - you 
> will have to make a backup of the current project before 
> updating it (probably using some commandline batch or 
> cron process)
Uups: Some Cron Processes? That seems to be your profession.
Commandline Batches could be mine. 
Overall: versioning would be a very very fine option!

> WebHTTrack (currently packaged on various Linux 
> distrubutions such as Debian or Mandrake) offers a web-
> based GUI -- but there is not yet any "real" server 
> solutions
Indeed very much stress doing a server solution. I thought 
about a programm-solution installed on desktop but 
acessable with a browser. For example the preconfigured 
programm could be used in intranets to setup spezified 

> > Alexa archive and provides a specified 
> > for archiving internetbased information. Look at
> > <>.
> Well, I hesitated to implement the ARC format as primary 
> cache format, but this format is not very efficient and 
> lacks compression (files are bigger than they should be) 
> and index (searching through the file requires to read 
> complete file). Some hacking would have to be done, also 
> (to store internal httrack meta-data such as local 
> filename). The current cache format (a regular ZIP file) 
> more efficient and reusable on most systems.
> But I think that Lars Clausen from the State and 
> Library of Denmark developped an ARC plugin :) for 

Xavier I see: the *.arc format is special for scientific 
archiving - the site will not be changed and is backed up 
in its origine: That meets scientific aims but is very 
uncomfortable to handle.
How to get that golden scientific plugin?
I want to remember twice on the idea of versioning. This 
could be very fine used to work with for constructive 
internet researches. Even you meet a interesting site or 
even some downloads you start a project and download this 
page with specified links.
Now you can link in your intranet very fine to that page 
and files. That would be a very concrete way for searching: 
no more problems about lost links a very concrete data 
place for downloads...
Further with IE you can survey a page about changes...
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