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Subject: Relative links, absolute links....
Author: Dan
Date: 04/07/2004 21:45
I mirrored a number of websites and, generally, httracker 
works perfectly.  One problem:  some pages do not have 
their links changed to relative.  

For example, running a 5 level mirror on 
<> : will have all its links, 
including "href" and "img src" changed to the correct 
relative links, while 
will have its links remain absolute.  So in index.html I 
will find <img src="images/pic1.gif"> but in expert1.html I 
will have <img 
src=  The same 
happens with the anchors, even though the files to which 
both links point were downloaded to the local drive.  
Generally, I end up using shell scripts (sed) to rewrite 
any such links once I move the site to my unix machine, but 
it would be better and safer if I could get httracker to do 
it initially.

What am I doing wrong?

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Relative links, absolute links....

04/07/2004 21:45
Re: Relative links, absolute links....

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