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Subject: One bug and 2 ideas
Author: Paly
Date: 04/11/2004 18:36

First, many thanks for your great freeware. Be sure that 
it is appreciated. ;-) 

1) First here is a bug( I assume this is an old bug) : 
Download a website with httrack. ...this takes time!... 
Let's call it "Download_1". Then stop downloading and 
close hhtrack. Then open httrack again. Then go to "file" 
menu and try to open again the same download work. I.e.: 
go to "File" menu then scroll down and click 
on "Download_1". And alas it won't load it. ;-(
Here is a tip that I use to make it works : you have to 
first open a second previous work (let's assume that we 
have done it before and called it "Download_2"). Open 
the "file" menu and click on "Download_2". It 
opens "Download_2" in another httrack session. Then, go  
to the "file" menu of this new httrack session and load 
the second work wich is now "Download_1". 
Hopefully "Download_1" is now loaded. ;-)

Then here are 2 ideas : Add the following option which 
would allows Httrack to :

2) process a list of websites to download (small bandwith 
guys for automatic work during nights!). My problem: I 
have a small 56k-modem. And I have a lot of separate 
websites to download. I would love httrack to download 
each site one by one.
For instance : "Site_1". When httrack has finished 
downloading the "Site_1", it would start 
downloading "site_2". etc...
Note : I don't want to add all the websites addresses into 
the current httrack address field. Because it would 
download all the websites into only one folder (and alas I 
would not know which folder belongs to this website or 
this one,...)

3) play a wav sound when the download of a website is 
finished. Like that, I don't have to monitor every 10 
minutes if the website I am downloading is finished. 
(note : this last idea is not important to me if the 
previous idea is implemented)

Many thanks in advance for any help,
Xp_SP1 (same bug problem with WIN98SE)

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