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Subject: Re: One bug and 2 ideas
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/15/2004 22:26
> menu and try to open again the same download work. I.e.: 
> go to "File" menu then scroll down and click 
> on "Download_1". And alas it won't load it. ;-(

Double clicking on the corresponding .whtt file should 
work - the menu entry might be bogus

> 2) process a list of websites to download (small bandwith 
> guys for automatic work during nights!)

This is planned, but I couldn't yet find the time to do 
it :)

> My problem: I 
> have a small 56k-modem. And I have a lot of separate 
> websites to download. I would love httrack to download 
> each site one by one.

The only way would be using some batch-scripting, such as:

for i in `cat mylist.txt`; do
httrack -O mirror_$n "$i" --quiet

But, using the GUI, thi sisn't yet possible

> 3) play a wav sound when the download of a website is 
> finished. Like that, I don't have to monitor every 10 
> minutes if the website I am downloading is finished. 

Well, why not - added for -maybe- a future release!

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