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Subject: Overwriting Files with Error-Messages (3.32)
Author: Reinhard K.
Date: 04/22/2004 15:25
Today I tried again with 3.32 and I found:

HTTRACK still writes files containing the message
404 File not found
in html-format instead of the intended file, e.g doc.pdf

To preserve my already downloaded Documents I did set
them all to readonly. (thanks Good...)
Now when the server says
(503) Service temporarily not available
I get a second message: File can not be written
This means HTTRACK tries to open the file for writing,
even when there is just an error.

Some pictures where not set readonly, and they where once
again overwritten by the error-message!

I did switch on retries, yet it seems HTTRACK does
not do this, as I always get a single error concering
a specific file.

The web-Adress creating this is

I did transfers from this site many times, yet never
had such trouble. I can not say if this comes from
changes in HTTRACK or from changes in the net, formerly
transfers from there have been more steady than now.

I can send parts of my logfile or the erroneously written
files by mail directly to Xavier.



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04/22/2004 15:25
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