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Subject: Re: Overwriting Files with Error-Messages (3.32)
Author: Rebekah
Date: 04/25/2004 23:55
> To preserve my already downloaded Documents I did set
> them all to readonly.

I have noticed that doing an 'update' takes just as long 
as the original download. This leads me to believe that 
HTTrack is not doing an 'update' but a 'complete download'.

Could you please tell me how to set the already correctly 
downloaded files to 'readonly' please? When I do an update 
I only want to download the files that were not correctly 
captured the first time. Thanks.
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Overwriting Files with Error-Messages (3.32)

04/22/2004 15:25
Re: Overwriting Files with Error-Messages (3.32)

04/25/2004 23:55


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